Dedication and Commissioning of a Solar Powered Borehole system at Makau-hanya by Bishop Ishaya G. Baba

Dedication and Commissioning of Solar Powered Borehole Project by the Bishop of Zaria, His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Ishaya G. Baba

Bishop, we need water! We don’t have access to drinking water!!!

Following the Espicorpal visit of His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Ishaya G. Baba to various churches in Zaria Anglican Diocese last year, on his visit to Kauru archdeaconry, St Jude’s Anglican church, Makau-hanya the people cried out like blind bartimeous but this time not for sight but shouting we need water! We don’t have access to drinking water, we travel miles to other towns to get water When the rainy season is over.

The Bishop didn’t respond immediately to the word we need water, the word we need borehole rang in the ears of the Bishop for days and it became a burn for him.

Looking at the situation of things and the economy of the diocese, the Bishop reached out to his friends and colleagues who are outside Nigeria for support on how a Borehole can be constructed for the people of Makau-hanya. His friends and contacts being touched by the condition the people are passing through supported and donated generously for the construction of the borehole project.

To the glory of God, the borehole was commissioned and dedicated for use on Thursday, 28th September 2023 at Makau-hanya community in Kauru LGA, Kaduna State by His Lordship Rt. Rev”d Ishaya G. Baba in the company of some of his Priests, the Diocesan Media team, the village chiefs, community heads and St Jude’s Anglican Church Makau-hanya members.

During the Dedication and commissioning service, the Bishop took his charge from the book of 2kgs 2: 19-22 and narrated the story of Elisha and how he healed the bad water in the city of Jericho and anchored the sermon on the love of Christ that necessitated the healing and also charged the people on the love of Christ. He mentioned that it’s the Love of Christ that has led his friends namely: Clayton and Karen(USA), Philip and Carolina(Brazil), Christopher and Carolyn(UK) and Zion Church, Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA to give generously to this project to the glory of God.

He charged the people and the community that water is not separated, and that water is cohesive(sticks together). That the love of God should bind them together, there should be no denomination sentiment. And that the water is for everyone in the community both Christian and Muslim. That as many who drink the water will encounter the Love of Christ in their life.

He also cautions that the project should be maintained and not mishandled so that it can stand the test of time, and that generations yet unborn can benefit from it.

The project is a solar-powered Borehole water system.

The community expressed their thanks through the village chiefs to His Lordship and his friends that the Lord will bless and prosper them and provide for them and their families and that the Lord will bless Clayton and Karen(USA), Philip and Carolina(Brazil), Christopher and Carolyn (UK) and Zion Church, Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA for this show of love to them.

Anglican Diocese of Zaria Media Team