Zaria Anglican Diocese has condemned Archbishop Buba Lamido, for apologising to Governor Nasir El Rufai

The bishop and the people of zaria diocese are not surprised about the views and apologies expressed by Archbishop Lamido at the Governor’s office yesterday the 12th of November 2019 because Bishop Lamido is known to always compromise christian standards and the truth. Like we wrote few days ago this is the bishop that sold three very precious landed properties of wusasa diocese to some muslims. These properties were acquired by missionaries in the late 1800s. These great legacies have been lost forever by the wusasa community. Besides at one of the meetings of Northern bishops, Bishop Lamido brought a muslim governorship candidates with money to bribe the house of bishops to vote for this man against Governor El Rufai. His antecedents when it comes to standing for the church speak volume. The diocese of zaria is not at war with the Governor and we are not religious bigots as stated by bishop Lamido in the government house. We are only fighting for our right. Nobody can stop us from fighting for our right. Besides, prophets do not apologize to kings but kings apologies to prophets.   Nobody can propose to demolish our cathedral and we will keep quiet or apologise. A letter was written by KASUPDA on the orders of the Governor to us to quit the cathedral premises within 7 days and we responded in the best possible ways together with CAN and other christian organisations all over the world. Bishop Lamido deliberately avoided CAN in his humiliating visit to the government house. Rather than apologising to the Governor, the Governor should apologise to the church and the general public for embarrassing himself with the quit notice. The diocese of zaria is disaassociating herself completely from the humiliating visit and the apologies therein. The governor should stop embarrassing himself with demolition of churches in any part of kaduna state. Any attempt to demolish our shops or our properties in sabongari market is evil, callous and wicked and will be associated with the wrath of God. The whole of the sabongari market is our land acquired in the early 1900s with genuine C of O which we have submitted to the state govt for recertification.  Any attempt by El Rufai to demolish any of our properties in that market will be a direct assault on the church in the whole of Nigeria . All these visits and apologies is planned by +lamido and +fearon to score a political point for the Governor because he is being prepared for 2023 elections. The governor should know that he will never be president of Nigeria.  I speak prophetically as a servant of the living God. Let fake Christians and religious spies placed in our church by a particular religion be aware of the consequences of their actions because heaven is watching. May the Lord expose these spies in our midst on Jesus Name. In fact their actions now show very clearly that they are working for an interest against the church. The Lord in His mercies will raise help to deliver His church from fake Christians, fake converts and novices.